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So about me... I'm a middle-aged guy, married 15+ years with kids. I love my wife, and have never so much as kissed another woman the entire time we have been married. When we first met, we had both been cheated on, and we decided that we would not cheat on each other. I think we have both teetered on the edge. Like most married couples, over the years, we have given each other plenty of reasons to build resentment at times. So this space is a personal reflection of my journey of attempting to remain married and true. That's why I started this first-ever blog. The goal is to avoid sounding like one of those "perfect" articles of someone who sounds like they are giving advice. This all comes from personal experience or from talking to other people, married and single, and I want to keep it raw. To me that's more exciting than a well-researched topic. Everyone can relate to this on a human level. I know that guys like to get to the point, and ladies like a good story with plenty of details, so I'll try to find a balance. Strap in and let's ride!

8 thoughts on “Tired today?..SUCKITUPBUTTERCUP”

  1. You need to decompress from your job. I have a solution. Sit everybody down and tell them that at the end of the day you will take 30 minutes to an hour to rest your brain. No internet, no conversations, no dreaming about the ow, no fuming about every slight life throws at you. Just rest. Mean it, own it. Then give 100%.of yourself to your family. If you need exercise ride a bike, go for a walk……by yourself. Because you have gotten a giant crush on another woman you are picking apart every little thing your wife does. You are a married father. You chose this life. Find the joy in it. The ow is no more or less than your wife. She is just different. If you left your wife for her in about two years the honeymoon would be over and you will then be the father of some damaged kids. My husband and I just witnessed this in a couple we know. The man cheated and left his wife. The affair lasted about 5 months. The couple divorced. She met another man and is getting married and the husband feels like a failure because of what he did to his family for a fantasy.

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