Effin’ Dreams

I don’t normally remember my dreams…at least not on a regular basis.   I have had a couple dreams where my wife was involved with another man.  Not the act of, just a knowing that something happened in the dream.   The most recent was last night.  I saw a name on the side of a tractor trailer on the side of the road (Cantrell Trucking), and the only thing I get from the dream is that some person is unavailable to my wife at the moment…like there was some previous relationship.   In one of the deep talks my wife I had a couple months back, she denied ever being with anyone else.  Is it just a yearning that I don’t know about, some subconscious message about myself , or am I being weird?  Well, I’m always a little weird, but why the hell am I being shown this? What is my subconscious trying to tell me?  I Googled the name of the trucking company,  but that isn’t much help, as they are all over.

Right or wrong, I believe my wife, so what is all this about?  Things seem to be going good now.   Effin dreams!!!  Cryptic language of the random.